MPI&CT Visualization tools

2022-10-09 V3.0.202401 166 Chaoen Hu, Hui Hui (CASIA)

1. Installation Environment


System: windows7 and above 64-bit system
Memory: 16GB
Hard disk: 128GB
GPU : Graphics card that supports cuda computing, with more than 6GB of GPU memory


2. Basic functions of the software

  • Support reading and saving of DICOM files, and support reading and saving of raw files;
  • 3D fusion visualization of multi-volumes, 2D three-views visualization of multi-volumes ;
  • multi-volumes fusion interactive adjustment, interactive calibration of regions of interest;
  • Statistical data table export, GIF animation export.

3. Examples

Data in the example provided by Dr. Xin Feng

4. Manual

5. Cite

CT&MPI Visualization tools. V2.2. October 2022. Key Laboratory of Molecular Imaging, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 28/11/2022.







CT Rebuild command-line program tool

2022-03-08 1.0.0 22 Chaoen Hu, Hui Hui (CASIA)

CT 重建命令行程序工具

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